O level Accounting Notes PDF

O Level Accounting Notes PDF You can Download the pdf below: Download O level Account notes Sample topic : BOOKS OF ORIGINAL ENTRIES These are the books of first entry. The transactions are first recorded in these
books before being entered in the ledger books. These books are also called as
books of Prime entry or Subsidiary books. They are six in number. 1. Purchases Journal (or Purchases Read More…

As level business studies 9609 definations and Revision notes

AS Level Business 9609 Definitions (revision notes)
Above-the-line promotion: a form of promotion that is undertaken by a business by paying for communication with consumers
Accounts payable: value of debts for goods bought on credit payable to suppliers; payable
Accounts receivable: the value of payments to be received by customers who have bought goods on credit; a.k.a. trade receivables
Acid-teRead More…

Allah relationship with created world and messenger

Credits to Awab aqib  Allah relationship with created world and messenger Allah in Himself The Quran lays emphasis on the fundamental principle and theme of Allah in Himself. Allah is the name of a supreme being who is free from all sorts of shortcomings and defects. Surah Ikhlas says: “THE NATURE OF ALLAH IS SUBLIME AND HE IS NOT VISIBLE TO HUMANS BUT HIS PRESENCE CAN BE FELT BY MANIFESTATRead More…