As level business studies 9609 definations and Revision notes

AS Level Business 9609 Definitions (revision notes)
Above-the-line promotion: a form of promotion that is undertaken by a business by paying for communication with consumers
Accounts payable: value of debts for goods bought on credit payable to suppliers; payable
Accounts receivable: the value of payments to be received by customers who have bought goods on credit; a.k.a. trade receivables
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Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Studies Book PDF Free download

Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Studies Book by¬†Malcolm Surridge and Andrew Gillespie. Supported by Cambridge Assessment International Education for full syllabus scope. Encourage a more profound comprehension with an extensive variety of global contextual investigations and exam planning coordinated to the key information understudies requirement for progress. This A level busRead More…

AS Accounting 9706 Tips – How to get an A*

AS Accounting 9706 Tips
PAPER 1 You have 60 minutes of 30 MCQs. 2 minutes for each. First only attempt those questions which you are 100% sure of and skip others. Read the MCQ carefully, because CIE likes to play around. Now spend time on these questions. If you are stuck try to eliminate the most obvious wrong answer. 5-6 questions are theoretical, at least read them thrice. SometiRead More…